Dead hangs are a great exercise to throw into your routine.  Whether you want to improve grip strength for pull-ups/deadlifts or increase shoulder mobility, this is the exercise for you.  The setup is super simple. All you do is Grab onto either a pull-up bar of rings and hang with your feet suspended to get maximum stretch and training effect for your grip.  Your hands can be either in neutral or pronated grip.

Grip:  Hanging from the bar will drastically improve your grip strength by working the muscles of your forearms.  Increasing grip strength will improve your deadlift and pull-ups.

Shoulder Mobility:  The dead hang is a great way to decompress your spine (which is great for heavy barbell squatters as this compresses the spine) and stretches the lats/posterior delts.  Plus, it feels great on your lower back!

Protocol:  Start out with 1-4 sets of 10-second holds.  Aim for working up to 30-seconds per hold then progress to flexed arm hangs (remember that in gym class?)

To your lifelong health and success,

-Coach D.  

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