Whenever my Clients hear me mention the 2-minute drill, they let out a long unenthusiastic sigh… They dread the 2-minute drill more than Superman would a solar eclipse!  This is one of my favorite protocols to use in my training programs for the following reasons:

  1. It will test your endurance and grit.  2-minutes is a LONG time when you’re performing a difficult exercise.  Because it’s done at the end of the routine, you’re going into it already fatigued from the workout.  If you can survive the 2-minute drill, you can do anything!
  2. Interchangeable:  The beauty of this drill is that you can use virtually any exercise!  I’ll include examples below!
  3. Fat-burning:  The exercises are high-intensity and make for an awesome cardio workout!
  4. Adjustable to your level:  If you’re a beginner, 1 round of this is plenty!  As your conditioning improves, start pushing yourself and aim for 3-4 rounds!  

Get off the treadmill and give these a shot!  There’s no limit to the exercises you can use.  If you’re unable to go the distance, don’t be discouraged!  These are extremely challenging, you’ll get there! Work as much as possible and rest as little as possible, progress when you’re ready.  Throw these into your fat-burning arsenal and test your might!

To your lifelong health and success,

-Demarco Crum, CPT

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