We all HATE to be wrong, let’s face it. Being right in an argument is such a great feeling, be honest! However, it is human nature to get stuck on a certain idea and develop a fixation for it. The problem with this is becoming too narrow-minded and unable to evolve. Try not to let yourself get into a fixed mindset with limiting beliefs. We try so hard to be right all of the time that we justify destructive behaviors and only surround ourselves with like-minded people because it’s safe.

While I don’t want you to focus on how you’re wrong and simply being right, think about this: Everyone in your life has the ability to teach you something and vice versa. Be open to your beliefs being challenged so that you can either strengthen your argument or develop and learn something new. I try to walk into the gym every day willing to learn. Every single client and team member knows at least one (and probably way more than that) more thing than I do. I’m constantly reminded that I don’t know everything and it’s very humbling, believe me! It’s a serious blow to the ego, but that’s how we learn and improve as human beings.

Get uncomfortable, let yourself be challenged and ultimately grow. Foster an open relationship with friends, family and coworkers where it’s okay to call each other out in a healthy way. I need this from time to time just like everyone else. It’s just like training, right? Progressive overload is utilized in training, use it in life and see how you develop. Stop worrying about being right and start focusing on being better.

To your lifelong health and success,

-Demarco Crum, CPT

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