I had an epiphany a couple of weeks ago that made me laugh.  I’ve spent the last year cleaning up my programs for clients by focusing on the basics.  One of the best things I’ve learned is from my colleague Mike: “Do less.” This spawned my number 1 rule regarding all client programs and workouts:  If I can’t explain the WHY behind an exercise, it’s gone. As a result, I’m getting better results for my clients and not crushing them every session. Since I’m not absolutely wiped-out after training sessions, I find myself able to give full effort while looking forward to each session.  

    Last week, I tried an experiment.  I took the same approach to my professional life and pursuits.  On the refrigerator, I have a printed weekly schedule with blocks for different tasks.  You’ll be shocked to know that it has the Batman symbol on it…. Before last week, I had 5-6 tasks listed for each day.  I’ll be totally honest with you here. I put this schedule on the fridge a year ago and have barely done any of the tasks since then.  I found I was getting so overwhelmed that nothing was getting done. It was hard for me to focus and get everything done, and I finished many days feeling like I failed because I didn’t complete the list.  

    I scratched through everything and started over.  I took the time to think it through and decided on 2 essential tasks to complete each day.  Granted, this is only week 2 but so far it has worked tremendously better than my previous method.  I’m less overwhelmed and back on a schedule, working towards my long-term goals. What’s even better is the mindset shift that occurred for me.  I look forward to completing the two tasks, knowing that I’m focusing my efforts on getting a little better every day. Don’t be afraid to audit yourself from time to time.  Just like your training in the gym, focus on what’s actually important and give it the attention it deserves. You might find you can be like Mike and do more with less.

To your lifelong health and success,

-Demarco Crum, CPT

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