We all know the obvious fact that our bodies were built to move.  Training and getting stronger produce amazing benefits to the body and mind.  I’ve seen the amazing transformation (physical, mental, emotional, etc…) that happens with people when they join a gym, train consistently and commit to a healthier lifestyle.  What’s arguably even better is the community that grows when like-minded people join together.  

     However, I think there’s a deeper reason.  Why do we get stronger? Why do we decide to be healthier?  Why do we push ourselves and strive to be better when it would be easier simply to settle for average?      

     I don’t believe there are any wrong answers to this question.  Most will say personal development, enhanced mental health, physical health, mindset or to inspire others, these are all valid.  I think strength has an even deeper meaning missed by most. You may disagree with my answer, and that’s okay!     

     Above all, I believe that the most important thing we can do with our finite existence in this realm is to serve others.  As personal trainers, we serve our clients and help them achieve their goals, and beyond. The next level is to reach out and help those less-fortunate/at-risk/in-need.  

     I’m very blessed to be physically able-bodied with a roof over my head, food in my belly and a strong community of amazing people that love and support me.  I consider all of these gifts. They put me in a position to better help others. This has brought me a greater sense of purpose, the extra “kick” on days I’m not feeling motivated, and unimaginable levels of inner joy.  It has also helped me wrestle with my personal demons and become a better person.  

     If you’re in a position similar to mine (I genuinely hope so, we all deserve love and connection), I challenge you to ask yourself this question:  “What is the purpose of my strength?” Look deep within yourself, peel back the superficial layers and really get down to the “why.” In fact, I’d love to hear from you!  Email me back with what your “why” is.  

To your lifelong health and success,

This is Nano’s first Halloween! She was 4-months old and 13-lb’s! 🙂

-Demarco, future Jedi in training

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