What do you train for? Is it for a sport you play? For vanity? To live a longer and happier life? To reduce pain? Whatever your reason, it’s important to stay motivated and to stick to it.

I train to stay healthy, keep my body moving, and have a deeper appreciation of what our bodies are truly capable of. I used to care more about how I looked. But to me, being healthy is more important than big arms or a 6-pack.

When I decided to train for Simple & Sinister, I knew it would take a lot of time, patience, and persistence. 100 single-arm kettlebell swings in 5 minutes, followed by 10 Turkish get-ups in 10 minutes is no easy feat. I was able to complete it with the 40kg bell and 44kg in the past, but I wasn’t even able to complete 5 consecutive swings with the 48 when I first tried. I looked to two very reputable coaches, Holly and Arryn, for help. The first two months of their 3-month program proved fruitful, successfully progressing with the 40 and 44kg. But the beginning of that third month knocked me down a few pegs. I knew there was work to be done.

I stretched out the program over 6 months and completed it just before the end of 2019 on my second attempt. After failing on my first, I was convinced I couldn’t do it. My wrist/hands were constantly beat up. I knew I needed time to recover but that my deadline for ceasing kettlebell training was approaching as I needed to start barbell certification training in January. I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough time, or if I could mentally handle it as two movements were all I was doing for 6 months on end. Those negative thoughts thankfully only lasted about 2 days, and I reminded myself why I started in the first place. Not necessarily to have my name on an exclusive list of only 74 other people in the world; but to show myself that through dedicated hard work and persistence, I could do anything I set my mind and body to.

Pick a goal that is particular to you. Others may share similar goals or even the exact same goal, but your journey is yours and yours only. That goal is comprised of smaller goals along the way and little by little you inch yourself closer. Success will come with persistence, and simply reminding yourself why you started in the first place when things get tough. I knew this to be true already, but training to become Sinister gave me a much greater appreciation for the process.

To your lifelong health and success,


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