Let’s go deep…. What is the purpose behind your strength?  It became very apparent that for a lot of leading brands in the fitness industry, the greater purpose was lining their pockets.  In the interest of maintaining professionalism, I won’t name any companies.  However, it’s become very apparent how important the bottom line has become.  If that’s all we have to offer, I don’t want to be a part of it.  To me, it has to be about more than simply collecting a paycheck or making money.

     I want you to ask yourself this question:  How is my strength serving others?  I strongly believe that our strength is a gift and that we should harness it to help others.  Honestly, if you’re here just to look good in a swimsuit and throw up a front double bicep pose, this message isn’t for you.  I want to go deep.  Let’s get philosophical with it and really look into the deeper meaning.  I challenge you to ask this of yourself:  “How am I serving others with my strength?”  Ask that question, and I think you’ll dive into a deeper meaning of sets and reps.  

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