This pandemic has been a strange time for everyone.  We’ve all suffered in our own way.  People lost their jobs, got sick and lost family members.  It’s been a very tough time for all of us, there’s no doubt.  However, the last four months have been a great time of reflection for me.  I’ve realized that during this quarantine, all I’ve wanted to do is hug and be around good people.  I’m a very touchy-feely emotional guy and love people.  In fact, friends have had to remind me that hugs are not allowed currently.    

     All jokes aside, consider this.  What did everyone want to do as soon as we weren’t allowed?  Travel, visit family and have more unique experiences with the people we love.  It’s just like the “pink elephant” concept.  I think this pandemic has been an eye-opener for a lot of people, helping them realize what truly matters in this life.  Interpersonal relationships and connections are everything.  

     Reflect on your life, what’s been most valuable to you and what has been least.  So many minor inconveniences that seem pressing in the moment fade from memory very quickly.  Personally, after all of this time in semi-isolation I have a new-found appreciation for social interaction with great people.  I saw a video that brought me to tears a month ago.  It was an Italian family being reunited after months in quarantine.  The grandparents were shedding tears of joy as they held their grandbaby for the first time in months.   

     I was so excited to go back to work to see my clients and colleagues.  We’ve built an awesome community of amazing people within those walls and it was great for us to reunite.  Even with masks and social-distancing, it simply felt great to be home.  While we can always connect online, there’s nothing like having the Strong Squad assemble in-person.    

     As states move forward with reopening, don’t forget.  Don’t forget how important the people in your life are.  Be present, engaged and listen actively.  To quote my wise grandmother:  “Live every moment like it’s the last one you’ve got.  It may be, but then again it may not.”    

Train your body, feed your mind.


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