How many times have you started a new year resolution?  It’s exciting to make the bold claim that “this is my year.”  I see it every year in the gym.  A bunch of newbies come in, ready to go hard in the yard.  I honestly love the enthusiasm and excitement.  Here’s the tough question, though.  How often are you following-through on it come February?

     I can tell you firsthand that the said-newbies are gone come March at the latest.  While we all start our new year’s resolutions with good intentions, the problem is we’re only looking at one side to the coin.  

     I believe that the key to sustainable change is to combine solid logic and  powerful emotion.  Most new year’s resolutions are made emotionally.  The motivation behind this emotional decision is finite, especially when only processed on the surface level.  In addition, most people don’t put together a solid plan to actually achieve the goal they’re after. 

     On the emotion side of the coin, go deep.  Get into the deeper reason “why” you want to achieve the goals you’ve set out to do.  It has to be something so strong that the mere thought will drive you to action.  Mine, for instance?  I want to leave a legacy for my daughter Viviana and the next generation.  I’ll be honest with you, I get a little teary-eyed thinking about it.  

     The logical side is simple, but not easy.  Put together a clear plan as to how you’re going to achieve said-goals.  DO NOT strive for perfection, simply get started.  If 2020 was any indication, we have no flipping idea what the future holds.  Be prepared to make adjustments to the plan as new developments occur.

     2021 is upon us.  This is a new year that will produce new challenges and demand a better version of you.  Combine emotion and logic in order to accomplish your goals.  The best part?  When you reach the end of the year, you’ll be proud of yourself and ready to level-up in 2022 Mortal Kombat style.  Test your might!  Sorry, you know I had to… 

Train your body.  Feed your mind. 


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