I love helping people.  Whether it’s my clients, family, friends or random strangers (I’m from the South, I know it’s weird…) I receive a tremendous amount of joy from serving others.  That’s why our business’ slogan is “serving others through strength.”  It’s in our DNA as a company and something that we stand for.  However, just like kettlebell swings, balance is key.  Excess leads to imbalance and dysfunction.  

     There are times when you have to be selfish and see to it that your needs are met.  Take the time to eat healthier, workout and spend time with like-minded people you enjoy being around.  My business partner Sushma likes to remind me often that you can’t pour from an empty cup, and it’s true.  Self-care is critically important to your physical/mental health and your ability to serve others.  Whether it’s taking care of your family, running a successful company, volunteering for a non-profit or helping someone, you’re more effective when your tank is full.

     No matter how busy and loud the world gets, don’t forget to do the things you need in order to restore you.  Until we find the Lazarus Pit that Apocalypse uses!  

Train your body.  Feed your mind.  


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