I’m going to shoot it to you straight.  Like Morpheus, I want to free your mind.  A lot of fitness coaches and companies will pedal bullshit products and supplements whose efficacy is severely lacking.  Unfortunately, while this is unethical because they’re profiting from false advertising, it continues to perpetuate myths and misinformation regarding health and fitness.  It’s our job as coaches to simplify, not to complicate.  

     No product or service in the world will trump the basics.  Get strong, eat right (relative to your goals), recover well and you’ll reach your goals. Want to lose fat and weight?  Get strong, eat at a caloric deficit and recover well.  Want to build muscle and gain weight?  Get strong, eat at a caloric surplus and recover well.  Want to maintain weight?  Get strong, eat at a caloric balance and recover well.  

     Like Neo, this is not the answer you want to hear.  But, it IS the answer you need to hear.  Stop wasting time and money on fat-burners, detox teas, waist trainers and sweat suits.  The results you may get from these will be quick but not sustainable.  Want long-term, sustainable results that will enhance your health AND get you the “toned” look you’re aiming for?  It’s simple.  Get strong, eat right (relative to your goals) and recover well.  Do these three things consistently and you’ll achieve your goals and more!  

Train your body.  Feed your mind.     


This week, we go into the strengths and weaknesses of popular “fitness” products.
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