Okay, so maybe this title is a bit misleading.  Unfortunately, I don’t possess the Time Stone.  Dr. Strange didn’t trust me with it, so here we are.  Nor can I access/navigate the Quantum Realm.  That being said, I fancy myself a bit of a time traveler.  Time is continually moving forward, whether we like it or not.  However, we are not totally powerless.  The things we do today have the power to create a better and more prosperous tomorrow.  Train your body, eat healthier and you’ll probably live longer.  Save that money and invest, you’ll probably have more resources in the future.  To take it a level deeper, you’ll live longer to spend more time with your family.  You’ll leave behind memories and resources that can have multi-generational impact.     

     When it comes to fitness, managing interpersonal relationships, business development, financial management and eating healthy, I am projecting myself into a better future.  While I obviously can’t see into the future, I’m confident that the work will not be for nothing.  

     No matter what your goals are, try to focus on the concept of building a better future.  To quote Jocko Willink:  “Discipline equals freedom.”  Do the hard things today, and reap the rewards tomorrow.   

Train your body.  Feed your mind.   


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