Fitness advertising and diet culture have lied to us for decades.  We’ve been sold that the image of health is a narrow waist and “chiseled 6-pack abs.”  This is problematic as it perpetuates two strongly-held fitness myths:

  • Six pack abs equal a strong, healthy body therefore making one “worthy.”
  • If your abs aren’t visible, you’re not strong, healthy or fit.

Let’s set the record straight, here.  Having a 6-pack simply means that your abdominals are visible due to a low body fat percentage (typically single digit).  Everyone has abs, your body wouldn’t function properly without them!  While aesthetically most people strive for a 6-pack, this is a surface-level goal.  It is devoid of substance or context.  Just because someone has visible abs, they don’t necessarily have a strong core.  I know plenty of strong, badass lifters in many shapes and sizes.  

Every time I’ve dropped to single digit body fat, I’ve had to sacrifice some of my top-end strength.  I’ll be honest with you.  Having visible abs is fun and all, but it does nothing to change your life.  You don’t magically become a new person or find lasting happiness.  

I find that when I train and eat solely for performance, my relationship with food is healthier and I crush my workouts.  It’s time to let go of the idea that “fitness” is as simple as looking a certain way.      

Train your body.  Feed your mind.  


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